Paper, from design to art. The work of Maura Segal from Los Angeles


Paper is the most important medium used by the californian artist Maura Segal. Coloured and happy, the work of Maura is inspired by the Los Angeles landscape. A work similar to sculptures that captures in few seconds.

Paper artworks by Maura Segal

Paper artworks by Maura Segal

“I live in Los Angeles with my 3 daughters and husband. I’m 49 years old and have a degree in graphic design from California State University, Northridge – says the artist. Before dedicating myself to my art full-time, I worked with my husband for 14 years, designing women’s clothing and then designing lighting. In 2015, I completed 3 commissioned artworks for the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles”.

Influenced by Richard Diebenkorn, Beatriz Milhazes, Lance Letscher and Joanne Greenbaum, Maura presents a project that embraces feelings and also abstract location.

“The creative process for me, is more instinctual than rational. I follow what I’m feeling, don’t plan out the final piece and embrace the happy accident”.

Paper art, inside the work af Maura Segal

Using paper and colors like green, yellow, white and black your collages become like sculptures.

“That’s an interesting observation. It’s because of the different thicknesses of papers I use and how they are layered, creating a 3d effect”.

Can you tell us something about your inspiration?

“I am deeply inspired by the Los Angeles landscape, colors and lifestyle, from the sun-drenched plants to the bustling network of intertwining urban roads and intersections. I feel a relationship between these coexisting elements reflected in the juxtaposition of dense, geometric paper forms and the free, expressive and rhythmic lines”.

Maura Segal at work

Maura Segal at work

What do you think about the media in your art?

“I enjoy working with all different sorts of paper, building layers even when you don’t see them in the final piece, but I know they are there.

Cutting the papers into thin strips of paper, allows me to shape the paper into whichever lyrical abstract design my instinct is telling me to do. I lose myself in the process”.

Paper art, more about Maura Segal

If you want to know more about the Maura’s art you can take a look on her website or her instagram profile.

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